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Since 2009 we have built a strong reputation helping children to pass the 11 Plus Exam with our online 11+ practice papers. The papers on The Open School have been tested with hundreds of children, resulting in high levels of success in entrance exams. They offer your child the opportunity to practise the type of question found in the 11 Plus Exam.

We do not draw questions randomly from a question bank, we offer courses of exam preparation tests carefully written to prepare children for the 11+.

Identify weaknesses and learn from model answers


✓ Tests marked instantly with model answers.

✓ Progress reports and performance analysis.

✓ Thousands of questions written by leading 11+ tutors.

✓ Questions updated each year.

✓ All 11+ subjects covered.

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A complete 11+ training solution

✓ The latest online learning software.

✓ Bespoke papers written to prepare children for the 11+ Exam.

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11 plus exam practice