Maths – Getting Started

This is a short 10 question maths test to get you started. There is no time limit. Click ‘Start Test‘ to begin.

Before you start tests on The Open School make sure you have time to complete them. This paper should take under 15 minutes but for other papers in the course you should make sure you have 30 minutes free to finish them. If you leave the website once you have started a test you will lose your progress.

We recommend that you find a pencil and a sheet of rough paper to do your working out on as you go through the questions.

After you have answered all the questions you can, click the ‘Finish Test‘ button at the bottom of the question page. Your answers will then be marked and recorded and you will have the option to review your mistakes by clicking ‘Review my mistakes‘.

As you answer questions like the ones in this test, your results are recorded to assess your performance. Your first attempt at papers is important for this. You can retake papers you have not passed but your first attempt is important for us to assess how well you are doing in each area and to work out where your weaknesses may lie.

You must score 80% or over to complete this short test, good luck!